Rain Kept Falling (original)- Mary Ma

Rain Kept Falling (original)- Mary Ma

My friend Louise and I wrote this song at 5 am one night. I was hoping to record this song with her but sadly she is now in Australia. but i will be heading there soon so i’ll update it to the new track as soon as i get a hold of her and record it properly, but in the mean time this’ll have to do.
BTw she is an amazing vocalist, you should check her out
Its only tomorrow that youre leaving
When it was yesterday you were here
Its only the past we cant remember
Only the futures never near

Its only the sad songs we keep singing
If only the rain kept falling down
Youre only a girl I wont remember
If only your silence made a sound

But im falling, im falling im falling down
Spread your wings and learn to fly
Dont look back dont say goodbye
Im here waiting for you
Sunsets here and starry nights
Clouding all the city lights
Only the best for you

All of the moments that were missing
All of the nights we havent found
And when I touched you I was shaking
Thats when I floated off the ground