Carrie Underwood – Temporary Home (COVER) by Drew Dawson Davis

Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home (COVER) by Drew Dawson Davis

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Hey you guys, hope you’re well. I know it’s been a while since I posted a new song, and if you knew how long it took me to learn this new software, you’d understand why. =0)

For those of you who pay attention to the vids on a regular basis, you’ll notice this is a different camera than the last vid I did of “Close” by the Flatts. THAT ONE was done on a new flip HD I got, (the only vid I ever made on it) but I had a friend who was adamant that not only did it make me look fat, but it didn’t look like me at all. XD LOL! Something to the respect of “Your head was as big as the damn clock!” LMAO! So out of his generosity he surprised me with this Toshiba Camileo X100 for those who are wondering. This one seems to get a better picture and a more natural look. So although I need to dial things in….this is the new set up I guess. 1080P here we come! Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

And Carrie, if you read this, wishing you the very best. When I saw you audition for Idol I knew you’d go far, and you were my fav from that moment on…. Congrats on your marriage and wishing you and your hubby Mike all the happiness in the world and many years of wedded bliss . . .

God bless