PARIS JACKSON: Worried About Blanket



Paris Jackson is worried about her brother Blanket — but should she be?

After their father Michael‘s death, their grandmother Katherine was named their legal guardian. Paris is now 19, but Blanket is 15 and still living in Katherine’s home. As we’ve reported, Katherine was out of the country for a few months and is now staying with her daughter Rebbie in L.A. as she fights an elder-abuse case against her nephew Trent.

Apparently, TJ Jackson and his wife have been looking after Blanket, but Paris believes he’s more or less living unsupervised. But he’s getting straight A’s in school and has reportedly become much more social after being painfully introverted as a younger teen.

Paris also believes Rebbie and some of her siblings are trying to wall off Katherine from the rest of the family for financial gain. (TMZ)