NEIL DIAMOND: Five Songs That Influenced Him



With Neil Diamond marking 50 years as a recording star, he just named the “Five Songs That Influenced Me” for Rolling Stone:

  • Lonnie Donegan – “Rock Island Line”: “Its combination of folk and rock and roll angled me into the world of Woody Guthrie.”
  • The Everly Brothers – “Bye Bye Love”: “Anybody could do harmonies, but nobody had their sound.”
  • Peter, Paul and Mary – “Blowin’ in the Wind”: “This actually talked about current events. It spoke about an issue that had been boiling for years and was ready to make itself known.”
  • The Rolling Stones – “Satisfaction”: “This had a black groove, not only by white people but non-American white people.” He also credits the Stones for being “as responsible as The Beatles for the British Invasion.”
  • Ritchie Valens – “La Bamba”: “It had the most infectious rhythm, with a certain magic that you hope for when you make a record.”