BLONDIE: Was Harry Hassled Unfairly?

Was a member of Debbie Harry‘s staff out of line when he threatened to “drop” a cameraman?

The Daily Mail reports that Blondie‘s frontwoman was heading for a flight at the end of their Australian tour when she was approached by a cameraman. After a member of her staff asked the intruder to put the camera away — and was refused — the assistant used an expletive and called the video guy “rude” and an “idiot.”

On Facebook, bandmate Chris Stein provided some context. While noting that “Mike [the staff member] shouldn’t have vaguely threatened the guy,” he adds that “Debbie is always approached by professional autograph hunters who will show up at airports and hotels with stacks of the same picture they expect to get signed and then stick on eBay.”

Debbie got to her flight without incident — and wasn’t reported to have said anything to the pesky cameraman.