BEATLES: Documentary Looks at Sgt. Pepper Lead-Up



An unauthorized documentary hopes to take advantage of the 50th anniversary of The BeatlesSgt. Pepper album.

It Was 50 Years Ago draws from 1960s footage and recent interviews with various experts and friends of the group to document the period that followed what was covered in Ron Howard‘s Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years. It doesn’t promise any new insights from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr or the recently deceased George Martin, but biographer Hunter Davies, Brian Epstein associate Tony Bramwell and Fan Club Secretary Freda Kelly do appear in the film.

It Was 50 Years Ago hits British cinemas on May 3rd. We’re still waiting for word on any U.S. screenings or availability on streaming services or DVD.

The 50th anniversary edition of Sgt. Pepper’s comes out on May 26th.